Michigan's own Pointing Labradors

Breeders Scott and Niki Johnson welcome you. We are a small hobby kennel located in south eastern Michigan. We specialize in breeding sound Labradors. Our dogs are first and foremost awesome family dogs, because they spend most of the year (off season) just simply being dogs. But when hunting season opens...……. You will be hard pressed to beat the talent found here in our kennel. We breed for physical soundness, intelligence, INCREDIBLE NATURAL POINT, drive, stamina and nose. Our dogs will not only hunt, but HUNT HARD long after you've had enough. Their retrieving ability is second to none. We are very blessed with the talent we have here in our kennel. 

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE OUR DOGS AND PUPPIES SO MUCH?   Our dogs are very unusual in they way they possess almost "human like personalities" as a lot of our customers has stated. They are so loving, loyal, and intelligent that their owners, including us, feel as though they are just another member of the family (justwith more hair). Even some of our customers who hunt with us in the field year after year, state how they missed our dogs in the off season. Our dogs are very versatile. We have seen our dogs used for many purposes including shed hunting, narcotics detection, waterfowl hunting, dock diving, pheasant & grouse hunting, and even service dogs. We take a lot of pride in the personnel relationships our dogs have with their new owners and our customers. 


Major is one of our premier stud dogs at our kennel. He has reproduced outstanding pups in both the United States and Canada, for both pleasure hunting and competition. He is a direct son out of 4xGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH and a direct son out of GMPR Northwoods Kay. Major is a fantastic dog to own. He literally has no quit in him. He possess a intense stylish point when hunting upland, and a beautiful 100% complete retrieve when working on the water. He handles like a dream with incredible intelligence. During his off time, Major is VERY affectionate, and loves playing with the kids and swimming in the pond with them. Major has a highrate of reproducing very nice dogs. Stud fee $900or choice of pup on select females. Brucellosis test required.References are available upon request. 

***LITTER IS DUE 2/23/2023***

This is a repeat breeding, with outstanding results! Our very own Major is the sire. He is out of 4xGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Grizzly SH and 4xGMPR Northwoods Kay. He is an outstanding bird dog and also a retired narcotics dog for multiple law enforcement agencies. The mother of the litter is our very own Luna. She is A gorgeous black lab, that is known for her personality and willingness to please. Luna is also a trained shed hunter. She regularly finds us antler sheds while we go for hikes and walks. Her pedigree contains a lot of the "foundation" dogs of todays pointing labs, names such as POINT DOCTOR & KELLOGG breeding. We own and hunt both of these dogs at our own hunt club. They each see around 600-800 birds each year. These pups will possess natural pointing instincts, a wonderful on/off switch, great drive in the field, and an eagerness to please. The pups will be dewclawed, microchipped, wormed several times, have age appropriate vaccinations and will be AKC registered. As always, ALL OF OUR PUPS HAVE A 26 MONTH GUARANTEE that they will be free from hip/elbow dysplasia, and will have a OFA score of normal or better. Price on pups is $800 male or female. We are accepting $300 deposits right now.  


Here is a report on a pup from the last litter:

Hi Scott and Niki, Just wanted to write and let you know what a joy our pup Brooke has been. She was one of the Luna pups that went home about a year ago. We had an amazing first season that was dampened primarily by my shooting abilities. We did bring home a woodcock and a wild Michigan rooster, as well as a couple stocked pheasants hunting near my in-laws’ in Pennsylvania around the holidays. She gave me some good chances on grouse, but they were just too quick for me.    That wild rooster was one for the ages, though. We weren’t getting birds to hold tight, but this one did. I was sort of distracted and then I’m like, “Where’s the dog?” I look down, and she’s locked up. Rock solid. Without moving, she gives me a little side-eye and I heard her in my head say, “Are you ready?” before the rooster blew up out of the grass. I’ll be telling that story for the rest of my life. I’ve got a go pro video, though the camera didn’t start fast enough to capture her point.    I took this picture of her recently pointing a hen at a park near our house. She’s very stylish! We’d love to maintain a relationship with you guys for when it’s time for pup #2 down the line a bit. We’ve enjoyed her so very much! Philip Wieszczyk






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**************GUIDED PHEASANT HUNTS***************

10 bird guided pheasant hunts starting @ $220.00beginning in Sept and going through the winter months. Additional birds available @ $17.00 each.

Pheasants for sale for $15.oo each for training.

***Discounts for large orders (20 or more birds)




******Hey Scott, it's Curtis W. We got a pup from you back in August/September last year. Just an update, could be the best hunting dog I've ever had! So smart and her drive is incredible. She's definitely in her happy place in the muddy woods with her duck bumper....The muddier the better!   (Michigan)

******This puppy is some where between Einstein and Superman (Bill W. Ontario Canada)

******I didn't know for sure the bird was shot. I always follow up just in case. I was looking for the bird not paying attention to Maggie. I looked her way an d she was locked on point! It was a great hunt and she was proud of that woodcock. Fantastic bloodlines Scott! (Jim B. from Michigan with his 6 month old pup)

******Hey Scott, thought you would like to see some pictures of a dog that I picked up from you 1 year ago. She's from Gracie and Major. The pictures with the birds we got in Iowa. She was 6 months old and we filled ourlimits. She is 61 lbs and a great dog, I just love her! (Dan D. Michigan)

******Scott, 0ur hunt was awesome. My son and I had a great time. Thank you for being very patient with him and going slow. We have hunted multiple clubs before and your dogs and guide service were better than all of them! Can't wait to do this again next year.  (Mike B. Clinton Twp)

******Our hunt was exciting. Major and Grace are BIRD HUNTING MACHINES!! Cant wait till we get a pup from them in the spring. I have never seen bird dogs like that and what a pleasure to hunt behind them (Cory S. Clarkston Mi)